Salzburg Lodging

Practical lodging advice for Salzburg.

It is inevitable question for every visitor of Salzburg who wants to stay for longer than a day: Lodging in Salzburg can be arranged in manifold ways and the tourism mafia of the city will make sure that none of them is a real bargain. As an independent travel guide, we have tried to assist you in finding affordable lodging opportunities and good value for money. There are several articles here on which will be of help for you:

1.) Salzburg Hotel Directory: The core of our lodging articles. Since this website is a private effort, we have started a commercial hotel listing with paid content. We value our independence very highly, which is the reason why we clearly indicated promotional content. In any case, we also make sure that we choose only hotels of which we (the editorial team of this website) have a positive image.

2.) Pensions in Salzburg: Private lodging in the style of Anglo-American B&Bs is called "Pensionen" in Austria. In this article, we give you some general advice on where to find good deals (unfortunately generally outside of the city).

3.) Hostels and Budget lodging: For those who cannot spend a lot of money, we have collected some general information on hostels (Herbergen) not only for the young ones. Despite of its reputation as a generally expensive place, Salzburg has in fact quite a number of hostels to offer. This article comes with a list of them including addresses and contact details.

4.) General information on hotels: This article provides some practical advice on lodging in Salzburg and gives some hints on how to choose a good hotel without recommending any hotel in particular.

5.) Wellness and Spa Hotels: A big deal in Salzburg and surroundings - since the weather is not always great in this city, many hotels have developed spa facilities to compensate for the rain. This article gives an overview on this trend.

6.) List of Salzburg Hotels: There is an overview on the hotels currently presented in our directory; probably not very useful, since it only repeats the listings.

7.) List of Hotels in Salzburg State by Municipality: A directory that includes almost 1,000 entries of hotels and private accommodation from all of Salzburg province. Arranged alphabetically and by municipality.

8.) Guest Houses or Gasthäuser are family-run facilities somewhere between an inn, a B&B (Pension, see above) and proper hotel. Often with a few rooms only, they are usually an economic option to stay.

Lodging is a topic we take very seriously for this website. It is something that affects every tourist and we have an economic interest in becoming an "authority website" on the topic. Therefore, we would appreciate feedback and suggestions for new articles. Is there anything you would find interesting about lodging in Salzburg? Send us and e-mail and we will see if we can write an article about it. Thank you!


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