Salzburg Photos: Food on Farm Market

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Farm Market Stall

This picture was taken in January. The seemingly "Christmassy" decoration is misleading: This stand is not part of a Christmas market, but the regular farm market on the Universitätsplatz of Salzburg. The so-called "Schranne" allows local farmers and artisans to sell mostly food. Snacks, fruits, vegetables and locally produced delicatessen can be found on the Schranne, right at the Kollegienkirche in the Altstadt or Old Town of Salzburg. Whilst some market stalls might be a bit touristy, it is here that many locals buy certain special foods that are hard to find elsewhere. Much of the locally produced food is from organic farms; we suspect that this is sometimes used to explain the often very high prices at the Schranne. However, even if supermarkets are cheaper than farm markets, the latter are still worth a closer look and might make a great photo opportunity.

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