Salzburg Photos: View from Mount Gaisberg

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Mount Gaisberg

Another picture that our photographer took during a very rewarding outing to Mount Gaisberg on a cold winter day. This Gaisberg view shows the north-western parts of Salzburg city and some nearby mountains of the Northern Calciferious Alps. The Gaisberg is an important recreational area in Salzburg and a very accessible mountain from the city. Note that there is also an oldtimer race every year for which owners of antique cars travel from the Residenzplatz outside of the Salzburger Dom Cathedral to the summit of the Gaisberg and return. Other popular events up there are mostly of the sportive kind. During the winter, snow hiking, paragliding and even some cross-country skiing are popular. There is a circular path that will take you around the mountain in an elevated altitude. This "Gaisbergrundweg" has several spots with look-outs on the city of Salzburg, the hill region of the Flachgau, the Salzkammergut and the Alps.

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