Salzburg Photos: Nonntal View

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View on Nonntal Area

One of the classic Salzburg-photos that every tourist should take: The Kirche St. Erhard is the parish church of the Nonntal area. Here, you can see the back of it, as seen from the nunnery of Stift Nonnberg. St. Erhard was built by an Italian architect called Giovanni Gaspare Zuccalli, just like the somewhat similar and nearby Kajetanerkirche. The picture shows the southern area of Salzburg, one of Austria's most expensive neighbourhoods. The mountain in the background is the Untersberg, the mightiest mountain in the immediate surroundings of Salzburg. It is accessible city busses and a cable-car, certainly a worthwhile day-trip. Note that a very similar photo, taken from the same spot in summer, can be found in our "Salzburg in Summer" photo gallery.

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