Salzburg Photos: Salzach River Banks

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Salzach River Banks

You thought there was nothing to do in a relatively small city such as Salzburg in summer? Hah, you are wrong! The river banks of the Salzach River are one of the top-attractions for local youngsters on warm summer nights. Bring your own beer, books or company - and spend a magical evening with the stunning scenery of Salzburg right in front of you. Our editorial team unanimously voted for this version of a good night as opposed to diving into the mediocre nightlife of Salzburg. The banks along the city centre extend to the south, where they are less busy until you get to the Überfuhrsteg. This bicycle and pedestrian bridge is a meeting place popular among local sturdents. It is still rather busy; according to rumours, some people like to climb up the Kapuzinerberg for activities that are not meant to be for a larger audience (such as the consumption of certain herbs).

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