Salzburg Photos: Salzburger Dom (Cathedral)

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Salzburger Dom (Cathedral)

The facade of the Salzburger Dom Cathedral. The arrangement of the main statues is often made fun of as the "oldest football team in the World": Jesus Christ as the goal-keeper with the ball in his hand, flanked by two prophets (not visible in the picture). One floor further down, you would see the four evangelists, at the base you can see four saints. Together, the arrangement and number of statues matches with a football team. This very facade turns into an element of the Jedermann play every year, which is performed as the most iconic stage production of the Salzburg Festival. An open-air stage implements the facade as a crucial element of the performance; high-class actors combined with Baroque-style costumes and clumsy text made the "Jedermann" a trade mark for Salzburg.

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