Salzburg Photos: Stift Nonnberg View

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Stift Nonnberg View

The nunnery of Stift Nonnberg prides itself for being the oldest nuns convent north of the Alps with an non-interrupted record since the 8th century. Nonnberg used to be a convent for noble women only; note that it occupies a cliff reaching out of the Festungsberg (Fortress Hill). This cliff is called Nonnberg ("Nun's Mountain", rather appropriate if you think of it) and one of the most exposed places in Salzburg. The nunnery featured in "The Sound of Music", even through the real Maria von Trapp was there only to be trained to become a teacher. She was never really a nun (in fact, not even a novice). Nonnberg is not open to the general public, visitors can only have a look at the church. Despite of its Baroque exteriors, the core is Romanesque in style. The cemetery of the convent is also accessible and worth a closer look. The picture was taken from a platform of the old city walls not far from the Kapuzinerkloster (Capuchin Monastery).

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