Salzburg Photos: Winter Hiking

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Winter Hiking in Austria

Hearing of Salzburg in winter, do you think of anything else than skiing and more skiing? Most people don't, and that is quite a shame. Even if you ignore the various cultural and sightseeing-related things you can do in the city and concentrate on winter sports on the countryside only, there is much more than "only" skiing that one can do. Winter hiking is becoming more popular, often linked with skiing in so-called ski tours (Skitouren). These can be rather dangerous and are not recommendable to beginners, though. Note also cross-country-skiing and snowboarding. You can go mountainbiking in winter, enjoy a spa, go skating (ideally on one of the lakes in the Salzburg Lake District or the Salzkammergut), tobogganing, or you slide down a mountain on a plastic bag.

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