Residenzgalerie - Residenz Gallery

The Residenzgalerie shows paintings in the Baroque palace of the Prince Archbishops.

The art collection of the Residenz Castle is shown in the Residenzgalerie and includes European paintings from the 16th to the 19th century. It has something like an emphasis on Dutch painting from the 17th century with works of Rembrandt, Rubens and Brueghel. Other famous painters of Baroque times give a good supplement to the sketch-collection in the Baroque museum by Mirabell Castle.

In addition to the Baroque masterpieces, the elaborate halls of the Residenz Gallery show some 19th century Austrian paintings by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Hans Makart and Anton Romako. Finally, a collection of landscape and city view paintings show the development of Salzburg in the eyes of artists.

In addition to the core collection, there are changing exhibitions. Audio guides are available, but you can also book a guided tour. The Residenzgalerie is a great destination if you come to Salzburg for an over-all Baroque experience.

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