Mozartwoche (mozart Week)

Every year around Christmas, the skiing season starts to peak. January then usually becomes a bit of a let-down: No holidays in the countries that make the most important markets for Austria (Germany, Austria itself, the UK, Netherlands and Italy) mean that few international tourists make it there. Luckily, Russia still has the Julian calendar and thus, early January is popular among skiers from this relatively new market. Alas, what can you do against empty hotels that will be packed again when holidays start in February? Salzburg does what it always does in situations like that: Pimp out some Mozart!

The "Mozartwoche" (Mozart Week) takes place around the birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on the 21st of January. As the name quite correctly states, this series of concerts and opera performances lasts for one week. The aim of the Mozartwoche is also to be a counter-event to the Salzburg Festival in summer. On contrast to this "big sister", the Mozartwoche is rather intimate, more like the Easter Festival or the one at Pentecost. Similarly, though, it features the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - alongside with many other artists.

The series of concerts and opera are held in the Großer Saal des Mozarteums (the main concert hall of Salzburg′s art university), in the Haus für Mozart (the former small Festival Hall) and the Großes Festspielhaus (Large Festival Hall). Small chamber concerts are also held at the Solitaire, a smaller concert venue of the Mozarteum Art University.

The Mozartwoche was started in 1956. However, it never gained as much attention as the Salzburg Festival. This probably helped to preserve its authentic approach to music and performing Mozart - at the site of his birth. The music performances are often supplemented with lectures by renown musicologists. Altogether, some 30 to 40 events in the course of the week are to be expected from the Mozartwoche.

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