Salzburger Adventsingen

The "Salzburger Adventsingen" is an annual musical event held at the Großes Festspielhaus in the city centre of Salzburg. It is locally very well-known; about 40.000 people attend the Salzburger Adventsingen every year. It is something like a play or a series of songs, which are performed in local accents of the State of Salzburg. The Adventsingen was founded in 1946 by Tobi Reiser senior.

The texts of the play were written by the Bavarian writer Annette Thoma. Originally, the event was rather small in scale; it soon gained popularity, and for the Advent of 1950, the Salzburger Adventsingen was already performed at the Residenz Palace. Various folk music groups of the area contributed to it and helped to nourish its fame. In 1952, it moved again - this time to the Große Aula, the congregation hall of the university (which was yet to be re-founded).

The writer Karl Heinrich Waggerl started to supplement the play with readings from his work. In 1960, the Großes Festspielhaus (Large Festival Hall) is completed as Austria′s biggest opera venue; the Adventsingen moves there the same year. This is still the venue of the event today. In 1974, Tonbi Reiser senior died and his son Tobias Reiser junior took over. The official organiser was now the Salzburger Heimatwerk, an association that is dedicated to the preservation of traditional folk culture.

Tobias Reiser junior remained the responsible person behind the scenes of the Salzburger Adventsingen until 1999, when he died. Today, a member of the board of directors of the Salzburger Heimatwerk is the quasi-CEO of the Adventsingen, which gets produced newly every year. This practice allows alterations and variations of previous productions. Tickets for the Salzburger Adventsingen are available from most ticket brokers in Salzburg, but obtaining them directly through the Salzburger Heimatwerk will be significantly cheaper.

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