Salzburg Seminar: Salzburg Global Seminar

The Palace of Schloss Leopoldskron featured in The Sound of Music. It is now headquarter of the Salzburg Seminar.

The Salzburg Seminar is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) that aims to discuss social, political and academic topics of global relevance; in 2007, it was re-named into "Salzburg Global Seminar" to underline that its scope has widened since its foundation. The headquarter of the Salzburg Seminar is the Leopoldskron Castle.

wikipedia, GFDLThe organisation was founded in 1947 by graduates of the University of Harvard: Clemens Heller, Richard Campbell and Scott Elledge. Since then, the Salzburg Seminar aims to bring global World leaders together in Salzburg to contribute through their discussions and lectures to the development of peace and intercultural understanding.

The seminar was often described as an "intellectual Marshall plan", although this is misleading since the aims of the Salzburg Seminar target no longer Central Europe as a main "market", but a much more international community than right after the end of World War II.

Leaders from all over the world in Salzburg

Members who lecture and discuss at the Salzburg Seminar are promising leaders, generally in their thirties. Since 1947, 25,000 fellows from 150 countries have contributed to the Salzburg Seminar, mostly decision makers from manifold disciplines including economy, science, cultural life, law and civil administration.

wikipedia, GFDLThe discussion groups and lectures are often on a very high level, but are generally done in a very relaxed and informal environment. The exchange between people with different backgrounds should lead to the development of bridges between people with different ideological, political or religious views and encourage friendships among the Salzburg Seminar fellows.

Today, there are alumni groups in more than 60 countries, with members who are often in leading positions in governments, corporations or academia. Former lecturers and fellows of the Salzburg Seminar include Warren Christopher, Leon Brittan, Garrett FitzGerald, Alois Mock, Vaclav Havel and Klaus Liebscher.

The Salzburg Seminar for lawyers

In order to maintain inter-nationality and the touch of exclusivity, there is a rule that only two fellows from any given country are allowed to participate in the same session. People who want to participate in the Salzburg Seminar must be nominated by two fellows. After the seminar, all participants are part of the global alumni network.

wikipedia, GFDLDue to the success of the law section of the Salzburg Seminar, this subdivision acts now somewhat independently as the "Legal Alumni Web of the Salzburg Seminar". This subsection was founded in 1997 and is abbreviated as LAWSS and meets annually in Leopoldskron Castle.

At these meetings, LAWSS discusses current issues of economics, finance, globalisation, currency politics, corruption and international relations. Former lecturers include Vaclav Claus, Sir Sidney Kentridge, Ljubisa Krgovic and Franz-Christoph Zeitler.

Among the values of the Salzburg Seminar of intellectual exchange among different people, LAWSS aims to deepen professional relationships among its members and alumni.

Today, you can stroll around the area of the Leopoldskroner Weiher lake and mingle with locals walking their dogs or watching birds. The Leopoldskron Castle itself is not open to the public, but only to participants of the Seminar′s programs as well as hotel guests.


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