Salzburg Photos: Stephan Balkenhol Sculpture

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Stephan Balkenhol Sculpture

This sphere is part of a piece of art by Stephan Balkenhol and was arranged on the Kapitelplatz as one project in a series. The whole series was briefly described in our article on fine arts in Salzburg. It aims to present one artwork by a well-established contemporary artist in a public place in Salzburg every year. It started with an installation by Anselm Kiefer in 2002. After completion, the then ten pieces of art will be taken to a final place to be exhibited. Most of them have caused much controversy so far; it is always good fun to follow the debates between wealthy art aficionados who donated towards the good cause and outraged locals who don't care about art, but do care about any sort of change in the Old Town. In the case of this sphere, the controversy was less aggressive than in other years. Maybe because it resembles a Mozart Ball, of which there are already many in Salzburg.

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