Salzburg Photos: Devil's Statue at Dom

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Devil's Statue at Dom

The devil, as depicted on the statue of the Mariensäule on the central square of the Salzburger Dom cathedral. The Baroque statue is not the only appearance that the Lord of the Darkness makes on the Domplatz Square: In fact, every year during the Salzburg Festival, the iconic play "Jedermann" (Every Man) is performed here as far as the weather permits. The facade of the Salzburger Dom cathedral becomes part of the scenery as the stage is built directly in front of the main entrance. The audience sits on platforms built around the Mariensäule. The devil plays a central part in this play about a rich man that is told about his nearing death. In the light of this revelation, he is left by the devil to find somebody to whom he showed mercy - otherwise his soul would go to hell. The play is considered to be very important not only to the Salzburg Festival (it is played every year as part of the drama section of the festival), but also for drama in the German speaking world in general. The main parts (Jedermann and his girlfriend, the Buhlschaft, and to a lesser extent Death and the Devil) are considered to be among the most prestigious stage roles a German speaking actor can achieve.

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