Salzburg Photos: Dombögen & Franziskanerkirche

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Dombögen & Franziskanerkirche

The arches between the Domplatz square in front of the cathedral and the entrance area to Erzstift St. Peter are called "Dombögen" (Cathedral Arches). In this picture, they frame a little bridge that links the Franciscan monastery (left) with the Franziskanerkirche (Franciscan Church, right). The Dombögen are made of Salzburger Konglomerat, the stone described in the text going with the picture before. Historically, this area was an important border between the Fürstenstadt (Prince's Town, referring to the Prince Archbishop) and the Mönchsstadt (Monk's Town). Since there was a great deal of rivalry and struggles for power between the monastery of St. Peter and the Prince Archbishop, the two parts of the Altstadt were "labelled" with subtle signs that indicated to which side they belonged. Today, the Archdiocese of Salzburg seems more relaxed about such issues and Archbishop and Archabbot seem to get along fairly well.

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