Salzburg Photos: Latin Inscription in Wall

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Latin Inscription in Wall

A marble plate with a Latin inscription about which we have nothing to say, really. Maybe a few words about the stone that is commonly used in Salzburg, since one member of our editorial team is friends with a geologist that has worked on local "Dekorgestein" (decorative stone): This plate is probably made of so-called Adneter Marmor, supposedly marble from the town of Adnet in the Tennengau region of Salzburg. It is not real marble, but in fact fossilised corals and other marine life forms, yet very pretty and in colours that range from dark red to yellow with white spots. Another common stone is the Untersberger Marmor, similarly calcite originating from maritime life. It is still produced at Mount Untersberg and comes in shades that range from white to pale pink. Combined with the red Adnet Marble, the Untersberg Marble is very often arranged to a checkboard pattern on floors of palatial houses in the Old Town of Salzburg. By far the most common decorative stone is the Salzburger Konglomerat, a conglomerate rock; the wall on this picture is made of it. The conglomerate was used for regular building and in decorative applications when the surface was smoothened. Its quarry was mainly the Rainberg hill.

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