Salzburg Photos: Another pic of the Christmas Market

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Christmas Market in December

Yes, another picture of the Salzburg Christmas Market. This one depicts Christmas ornaments that turned out to be made in China, sold on a market stand at the Alter Markt Square. Looks a bit like Bambi, which was written by the Austrian Felix von Salten who had no connection to Salzburg whatsoever - at least not to the knowledge of any member of the Visit Salzburg editorial team. He was from a similar family background as Stefan Zweig, who lived in the Paschinger Schlössl for several years and was also a successful writer - yet politically and intellectually a rival to von Salten. We clearly prefer Zweig, not because he lived in Salzburg, but because we associate Salten with a certain chauvinist, imperialist mania that was typical for the supposedly golden years that preceeded the First World War. As you might have noticed, we really don't have an awful lot to say about this photo. We like deer. The word "deer" featured in a song in "The Sound of Music" and there is in fact a lot of deer in Salzburg. That's it, sorry.

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