Salzburg Photos: Stift Nonnberg Abbey

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Stift Nonnberg Abbey

Stift Nonnberg Abbey (in fact, a nunnery, but often incorrectly named) on a very, very cold day in February 2010. Don't let the sunshine mislead you! The Medieval nunnery prides itself for being the oldest nunnery north of the Alps that had a continuous history. Desipte of the Baroque shell, the convent's church dates back to the Middle Ages and has a Romanesque core. For centuries, Stift Nonnberg was a convent for noble women, who often donated a great sum of money to the nunnery upon the occasion of joining. This resulted in the accumulation of great wealth in contrast to the relative poverty the nons chose to live in. Stift Nonnberg became internationally famous when the musical "The Sound of Music" was filmed in Salzburg. It was supposedly here that Maria von Trapp was a novice - in fact, she was there to be trained to become a teacher and never member of the convent.

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