Salzburg Photos: Dog at Residenzplatz

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Dog at Residenzplatz

Salzburg, the capital of old people: The over-aging population of Austria is already a problem for the country's well-developed social system and will continue to grow as a burden. In Salzburg, this is very visible especially in the city centre and the high-end neighbourhoods in the south: High prices for real estate and limited job prospects drive highly qualified, young locals to Munich, Vienna or even further. Despite of a striving economy, Salzburg is generally viewed as a place where one would want to retire rather than start a career, unless if it was in a tourism or skiing related field. This picture was taken just outside of the Salzburger Heimatwerk, a society that works towards the preservation of traditional craftmanship and customs. It is situated under the arches of the Neue Residenz, around the corner of Mozartplatz and Salzburg Museum.

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