Salzburg Photos: Clock at Maria Plain

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Clock at Maria Plain

This clock can be found at the Basilica of Maria Plain, the most important church of pilgrimage in the wider area of Salzburg. The Baroque church is clearly visible from many spots in the city, since it sits on a hilltop just north of the city centre. We can think of three reasons to go to Maria Plain, which is very easily accessible via city busses (to Itzling) and a short walk: Firstly, because the building itself is very nice and worth a closer look; secondly, because of the Kreuzweg (Calvary Mount) associated with the Basilica, which dates back to the 17th century and is a particularly fine example of rustic Baroque art from this time; and thirdly, because of the great view on the city of Salzburg that you can see from there. Strangely enough, Maria Plain attracts mostly locals. The Basilica is associated with a monastery, "operated" by Benedictine monks from Erzstift St. Peter.

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