Salzburg Photos: Fortress & Old Town

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Fortress & Old Town

Another picture from early summer 2008: After a cold spring, the snow in the mountains was still unaffected by warm weather. Even though the trees were fully green, the mountain tops of the Göll Massif (on the horizon behind the red-roofed tower of Stift Nonnberg) were still snow white. The picture was taken from the Kapuzinerberg, probably the most prominent hill of those that are accessible from the city. Note that you can use proper roads on the Kapuzinerberg to get to places such as the Franziskischlössl, but if you want to hike along the old 17th century city walls, you would be better off having decent shoes. This route is more rewarding, though, since you can peek through the trees on various spots, catching glances on the city centre like the one in this picture.

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