Salzburg Photos: Schloss Hellbrunn Palace

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Schloss Hellbrunn Palace

The leisure palace of Schloss Hellbrunn: Built for Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, Hellbrunn Palace is one of the best-preserved Manierist chateaux in Europe (thus the World). Here you see the front of the main building with the central square in front of it. However, Hellbrunn is an ensemble that comes with several other sights worth noting: Extensive parks, a formal garden, the famous trick fountains, the Monatsschlössl with the museum of regional anthropology and the Steintheater theatre as well as the Zoo Hellbrunn. Hellbrunn is a primary attraction of Salzburg and easy to get to by city busses. Even better for those with a bit of time is to walk from the city centre to Hellbrunn Palace via the Hellbrunner Allee.

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