Salzburg Photos: Neumarkt am Wallersee

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Neumarkt am Wallersee

Neumarkt am Wallersee is a small town in the Northern Flachgau area of Salzburg and typical for the region: An agriculturally dominated stretch of land until well after WWII, Neumarkt underwent rapid growth in the years following 1950. Today, Neumarkt is effectively a suburb of Salzburg and popular with commuters who prefer to live on the countryside. It has access to a railway link to Salzburg and is situated by Lake Wallersee, which is nice for water sports in the summer. That being said, Neumarkt is not a very touristy place at all - in fact, there was probably a great deal more tourism in the 1920ies and 1930ies, when the Wallersee was a popular hang-out for artists involved with the Salzburg Festival. Today, most villages and towns in the northern Flachgau have a slightly commercial touch to them, a non-pleasant side-effect of the economic boom the region underwent since the end of the war. Post-war building activities have often led to a loss of village character in many communities and Neumarkt is not an exception. At least it is situated in a very pretty area in terms of landscape and has a historic town centre with some attractive houses.

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