Salzburg Photos: Sun Dial at St. Peter

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Sun Dial at St. Peter

A sundial that experienced visitors of Salzburg migh readily identify as... being found on a facade of a house that belongs to the Erzstift St. Peter (St. Peter's Abbey). The symbol of this Benedictine monastery are the crossed keys of St. Peter and spread all over the city wherever the abbey has possessions. This was often done to counter the coats of arms of the Prince Archbishops. This practice is not dissimilar to graffiti of gangs and also served to mark territorial authority. For a long time, there was a great deal of rivalry between the Prince Archbishop and the monastery of St. Peter. This struggle for power lasted for centuries, today, both bodies are in rather amicable terms. The picture of this sundial was taken at the main court of the monastery, just above the entrance. Similar sgraffito paintings can be found on many other buildings in Salzburg, often small depictions of saints or Biblical scenes.

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