Salzburg Photos: Festung Hohensalzburg (Castle)

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Festung Hohensalzburg (Castle)

The Festung Hohensalzburg (Fortress) or more commonly Salzburg Castle is the dominant building of the city. Its oldest parts deate back to 1177, but it was extended almost continuously for centuries thereafter. The most important development phases were probably under Prince Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach (16th century) and Prince Archibishop Paris Lodron (17th century). The castle is the central buidling in a sophisticated network of city walls, gates and other defence facilities. Much of this network was demolished in the late 19th century to get rid of the then strategically useless walls and create space for the growth of the city. This picture was taken from the Richterhöhe, a look-out and fortified platform on the Mönchsberg Hill. It is in convenient walking distance from the Fortress itself. If you go walking on the Mönchsberg, note that there are sevearl look-outs and smaller attractions on the way. From the Richterhöhe, you will also get nice views on the Alps south of Salzburg. Probably the best view can be enjoyed from the central tower of the Festung Hohensalzburg itself. 

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