Salzburg Photos: Hellbrunn Trick Fountain

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Hellbrunn Trick Fountain

The Trick Fountains or Wasserspiele of Hellbrunn are famous and among the best-preserved Manierist trick fountains in the world. They are a typical example for the playful aspects of early Baroque: Celebrations of joy and fun in a tamed, romanticised nature. Whilst this is only one face of Baroque, it has proven to be the most popular when it comes to attracting tourists. The trick fountains were built by Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau in the early 17th century to entertain himself and his guests. They are a long series of foutnains, wells and secret springs that were often operated by sophisticated mechanics. One of the most famous fountains is a table with a set of chairs under which spring fountains were hidden - except for the chair of the bishop. This way, he could make sure that his guests, who were not allowed to stand up before the bishop did, got soaked whenever it pleased him. Today, the Trick Fountains of Hellbrunn Castle are among the most popular sights of Salzburg.

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