Salzburg Photos: Hellbrunn Trick Fountains

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Hellbrunn Trick Fountains

The Trick Fountains of Hellbrunn Castle are one of the top-attractions of Salzburg, but open only during the summer months. The comprise of an array of playful fountains, driven my surprisingly sophisticated mechanic engines. Given that the trick fountains were built around 1600, it is very impressive that the jokes and trick effects of the so-called "Wasserspiele" ("Water Games") still work today. Hellbrunn Castle can be accessed conveniently via city busses. However, if you prefer to walk, you can do so along the Hellbrunner Allee, a beautiful lane that links the Nonntal Area with the Hellbrunn Castle. On the way, you will pass Schloss Emsburg. A model of this chateaux was built as one of the trick fountains at Hellbrunn.

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