Salzburg Photos: Höllbräu or Old Synagogue

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Höllbräu, the former Synagogue

This Zunftzeichen or guild sign is typical for Salzburg's Old Town (Altstadt). Signs like this once allowed illiterate people to find their way through the city centre, which was - as it still is - packed with workshops and stores of artisans and craftsmen. The guild sign depicted in this photo is that of the Höllbräu, once a brewery and now home to a 5-star hotel. Before it became a brewery, the building served as a synagogue to the Medieval Jewish community of Salzburg. The lane where it can be found is appropriatley called "Judengasse" or "Jewish Lane". Tourists love this corner of the Judengasse for a local easter egg shop and a Christmas ornament shop. Both stores sell locally made traditional ornaments and decorations for Easter and Christmas respectively. Following Judengasse from where the picture was taken, you will soon get to Waagplatz and the birthplace of Georg Trakl.

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