Salzburg Photos: Horse & Carriage in Winter

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Horse and Carriage (Fiaker)

Horse and carriages are called "Fiaker" in Austria and popular vehicles in cities such as Salzburg and Vienna. That being said, tourists are the only group of people among which they appear to be popular. Not only do we find the prices of Fiaker in Salzburg exorbitant, we also pity the horses. You can find them on the Residenzplatz in the city centre throughout the year, on hot summer days just like on freezing winter days. Whilst there are of course minimum standards in care for the horses that the horse keepers have to meet, we do not think that the whole business should be supported and suggest that you tour the city centre by walking in the sense of animal welfare. Another unpleasant side effect of the horse and carriage / Fiaker business is the smell; horse shit can be found all over the city centre and the horse shoes have a very bad effect on the cobbled lanes of Salzburg. We think that the sooner the horses disappear from Salzburg's City into more appropriate environments, the better it is.

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