Salzburg Photos: St. Peter's Cemetery

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St. Peter's Cemetery

Speaking of "The Sound of Music" in the text to our previous photo: This picture was taken on the Petersfriedhof, the ancient cemetery associated with the Erzstift St. Peter monastery. Tour guides often like to tell the story that the cemetery scenes in "The Sound of Music" were filmed here; this information is wrong, all cemetery scenes were shot indoors in a studio in California. Don't believe any of these bloody tour guides telling you anything else. There are more lies and myths, though: This picture shows the graves of Sebastian Stumpfegger and his wives. According to a popular local legend, he killed them by tickling them to death. Which is of course not true - the man was in fact a highly reputable artist and mason that worked at the court of the Prince Archbishop and was involved with various buidligng projects around the Salzburger Dom Cathedral. It is a good story, though, which is why we have included it in our "fun facts about Salzburg" section. You find it there for further details.

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