Salzburg Photos: Park of Schloss Hellbrunn

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Park of Schloss Hellbrunn

This picture was taken from the Monatsschlössel on a hill above the Hellbrunner Park. The picture shows that Hellbrunn Castle is implemented into a Baroque ensemble comprising of a formal garden with ponds and geometric flower beds, various smaller buildings, the famous Hellbrunn Trick Fountains and a less formal park that extends to the Salzburger Zoo Hellbrunn and the area of the Steintheater. The park contains various smaller follies, even though follies were less common in Manierist parks than in late Baroque gardens (compare for example with the park of Schloss Aigen). The main attraction of Hellbrunn Park for international tourists is the white pavilion that featured in "The Sound of Music" (see our article on the "Sound of Music" locations). It is a highly popular photo motive, which often confuses locals who usually know neither movie nor pavilion.

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