Salzburg Photos: Müllner Stadtpfarrkirche

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Müllner Stadtpfarrkirche

The Müllner Stadtpfarrkirche or Mülln Parish Church is a very dominant and impressive building - even moreso from inside than from outside. It was once a monastic church that belonged to the Augustinian Monastery, a rather big cluster of buildings in the district of Mülln. When the Augustinians of Salzburg were not allowed to take on new novices, it was a matter of time until they went extinct. Following that, the church became the parish church that it is until today and the Benedictine monastery of Michaelbeuern (in the tiny Flachgau village of Dorfbeuern) took over the brewery. Thank god for that: The old Augustinian monastery is now home to an array of impressive beer halls and the biggest beer garden of Austria. Warmly recommended to every visitor of Salzburg by an unanimous vote of the editorial team. Note that the yellow building in the picture belongs to the Müllner Bräu brewery and beer halls. The beer garden can be found to the right of the picture.

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