Dorfbeuern in Salzburg (Austria).

Dorfbeuern is a small and rather sleepy village in the very north of Salzburg, more specifically of the Flachgau area. It lies directly at the border to Upper Austria and about 30 kilometres north of Salzburg city, within a landscape of gentle hills and intensive agriculture. It is considered to be part of the Salzburger Seenland (Salzburg Lake District).

On contrast to many other villages of the Flachgau, Dorfbeuern never became a "semi-suburb" of Salzburg - probably due to the reasonably good road connections to the city. This resulted in a relatively low number of residents (at least by Flachgau terms) of approximately 1,400 on the one hand and the preservation of many rural charms on the other. Dorfbeuern is a genuine village and oriented as much to Salzburg as it is to Braunau.

There is essentially no international tourism in Dorfbeuern excluding German visitors. The main attraction of the village is the Benedictine monastery of Michelbeuern. It was founded in 730 A.D., which makes it one of the oldest in Europe. This might surprise you: Standing in front of it, the monastery is neat and pretty, but by all means a small one with only a handful of monks. Nevertheless, they still operate a highly respected school, a kindergarten and all sorts of religious and cultural organisations. The monastery is the spiritual heart of Dorfbeuern and the entire region.

In the late 1980ies, the village won an award for its innovative approach to preserving historic buildings and developing new neighbourhoods. On contrast to many other Flachgau villages, which grew into large, but ugly commuter towns, Dorfbeuern remained what its name promised - a proper village ("Dorf"). For international tourists, Dorfbeuern will at best be a stop-over destination (maybe on the way to Altötting or other attractions in Bavaria).

However, the village might also be interesting for people who stay in Salzburg for a longer period of time and want to check out the monastery and a "real" Flachgau village. In addition, the village of Fucking is very close to Dorfbeuern and might appeal to English-speaking visitors.

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