Salzburg Photos: Pferdeschwemme (Horse Well)

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Pferdeschwemme (Horse Well)

The "Rossebändiger" ("horse conqueror"?) at the Pferdeschwemme Horse Well right next to Neutor. This Baroque horse well occupies a central spot in the Old Town (Altstadt) in a neighbourhood often called Festspielbezirk (Festival District). It is derived from the Festival Halls that you will find right next to the horse well. The vicinity is no coincidence: The Großes Festspielhaus hall is now one of Europe's biggest theatres, but was in fact the Royal Stable for the cavalry of the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg for a long time. The stables were designed by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and their original facade has been preserved and was incorporated into the Festival Hall. Keep the name of the architect in mind, you will encounter him on several occasions in Salzburg. He also designed four churches in the city: The Kollegienkirche or Collegiate Church just around the corner of the Pferdeschwemme is the closest; note also the similarly close Kirche St. Markus. Finally, Fischer von Erlach designed the Dreifaltigkeitskirche (Trinity Church) and the Krankenhauskirche St. Johannes.

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