Salzburg Photos: View from Maria Plain

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View from Maria Plain

The view from the Basilica Maria Plain in the direction of the city. The crucification scene in the left part of the photo belongs to the Calvary Mount. We have mentioned the view in an earlier picture of this photo gallery as one of the reasons for going there. Here is now the evidence that we did not exaggerate: The wooden hill on the left is the Kapuzinerberg, the picture gives a good impression for how big it really is. You can even see the Franziskischlössl on the photo; the Capuchin Monastery can also be seen, but not very well - it is situated at a much lower altitude on the right stretch of the hill. What you can see rather clearly are various spires of the churches in the city centre. Note also the mountains on the horizon. From left to right, they include the Tennengebirge, the Göll and Hagengebirge Massif and the Untersberg. You can get to Maria Plain very easily via a city bus; from the bus stop Plainbrücke, it is a 15 to 20 minute walk to the hilltop.

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