Salzburg Photos: Salzburger Dom in Winter

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Salzburger Dom (Cathedral)

This golden sphere is part of a piece of artwork by Stephan Balkenhol. It was made for the Salzburg Foundation's ongoing project of presenting one piece of art to the city of Salzburg per year and displaying it in a public place. Every year, it is great fun to watch the controversies that develop between the consortium of wealthy artbenefactors and the artist on one side and highly art-resistant locals from Salzburg on the other. Balkenhol's spehere has proved to be less controversial than other sculptures. Maybe because it resembles a Mozart Ball and therefore has promotional potential. One member of the Visit-Salzburg-net editorial team has once been asked by an international visitor if the the statue on top of the sphere depcits Jörg Haider (we don't think so). The towers right of the scultpure are the clock towers of the Salzburger Dom Cathedral.

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