Salzburg Photos: Snow & Mountains of Salzburg

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Snow Mountains in Salzburg

A panorama view on some mountains of the Osterhorngruppe, a mountain range not far from Salzburg city. The geology of these mountains leads to a characteristic shape, which is very distict if compared to mountains of calciferous rock. Skiing areas such as Gaißau-Hintersee, Krispl and Faistenau can be found in this area. It is an important recreational region for locals from Salzburg and the densely populated areas in the northern Flachgau region. Tourists usually prefer to dive deeper into the Salzkammergut for hiking in the summer or deeper into the proper Alps for skiing in the winter. Both seasons are quite enjoyable in the Osterhorngruppe, nonetheless. You are just more likely to find domestic tourists or German visitors rather than crowds of overseas tourists.

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