Salzburg Photos: St. Peter Church & Fortress

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St. Peter and Hohensalzburg Fortress

Just a shame how little of the atmosphere was caught in this picture: Taken on a very atmospheric and magical day in Salzburg in January 2010, this photo shows the church tower of the Monastery of St. Peter, flanked by buildings of the Franciscan monastery and St. Peter itself. In the background, there is the Festung Hohensalzburg, the city's mighty castle. The light was partly caught in the mist, which one can barely see on this photograph. As unfortunate this might be for our photographer, you should take it as a further reason to come to Salzburg in person yourself. The monastery of St. Peter, by the way, is the oldest abbey north of the Alps. It was founded by St. Rupert, who is buried in the church.

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