Salzburg Photos: Sunset at Lake Wallersee

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Sunset over Lake Wallersee

In the late afternoon early in January, the sun sets over Lake Wallersee. This lake is a typical feature of the ice age landscape that you will find in the northern part of the Flachgau area, a region known for gentle hills, some forests and half a dozen of lakes at varying size. In the background, you can see the summits of the Northern Calciferious Alps. The lakes of the Flachgau are known as Salzburger Seenland (Salzburg Lake District) and not particularly touristy. Visitors are normally locals (the Flachgau is very densely populated and residents of Salzburg city like lakes, too) and a few tourists, usually from Germany. Non German-speaking visitors generally prefer the more picturesque (but more crowded) lakes and mountains of the Salzkammergut.

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