Salzburg Photos: View on Salzburg

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View on winterly Salzburg

This might be the most unusual view on Salzburg on any of our photographs contained in this gallery: Taken from the paragliding ramp on Mount Gaisberg, it shows a paraglider in front of the dramatic scenery of the Untersberg and Hagengebirge Massif. The southern parts of Salzburg City stretch out just under the parachute, you can see the River Salzach in a bended course along Parsch, Aigen and Elsbethen on one side and Herrnau and Anif on the other. The picture was taken on a winter day in January 2010, but similarly dramatic vistas can be expected at other times of the year, too. Getting to the mountain top of the Gaisberg is easy, a panorama road is open throughout the year and public busses from Salzburg link it to the city centre.

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