Salzburg Photos: Müllner Tor Gate

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Müllner Tor Gate

This gate is part of the city walls of Salzburg that date back to the 17th century. As described for an earlier picture (the one on the Steintor, in this photo gallery), the 30-Years-War bothered Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron and so he used tax revenues to fortify Salzburg like no other city in central Europe. This gate is the Müllnertor and secures the city centre in the north, closing the ring that the Mönchsberg hill formed around the Altstadt or Old Town. The Müllnertor is part of a bastion and a sophisticated piece of military engineering; in case you are getting there, note the large blocks of stone that it is made of and compare them to the much smaller stones of the Bürgerwehr walls - the latter ones are much older and were built to withstand Medieval arms, not the cannons of 17th century artillery. The Müllnertor is a good entrance or exit point for hiking on the Mönchsberg.

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