Salzburg Photos: City Walls (Bürgerwehr)

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City Walls (Bürgerwehr)

The Bürgerwehr is a stretch of Medieval walls, towers and gates that was named after those who paid for it: The burghers Salzburg. The term Bürgerwehr means literally "burgher or citizen defence" and was a direct contribution of the local people to the defence of Salzburg. It can be found on the Mönchsberg, right at the most narrow section of the hill - taking advantage of the strategic importance of this spot. Note how small the stones are that were used for the walls: These walls were built before the rise of gun-powder driven artillery. If you compare this photo to a picture of the Müllner Tor further down the Mönchsberg, you will see that later defence walls were built using large blocks of rock that would be able to withstand artillery. Around the Bürgerwehr, you will find a dense network of small roads and hiking paths. The Mönchsberg is an important recreational area for Salzburg and popular for walks among locals and tourists alike.

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