Salzburg Photos: St. Peter & Castle

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St. Peter & Castle

The tower of St. Peter's Abbey with the Fortress Hohensalzburg ("Salzburg Castle") in the background. We have already had a hard time finding appropriate text for a similar shot a few photos earlier, so for this one, it will be even more difficult. Maybe a few words on the things that can be accessed from here. The picture was taken from the Furtwängler Park, the old botanical gardens of Salzburg Univeristy. In the 17th century, the university had a campus in a block of buildings opposite the Festival Hall. The botanical gardens, Collegiate Church or Kollegienkirche and the university campus were a single, big entity. This is from where this picture was taken. In the same area, there are the Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse, the Franziskanerkirche (Franciscan Church), the Rupertinum and the Felsenreitschule. Beyond the Franziskanerkirche, you will get to the Salzburger Dom. Walking into the opposite direction, you get to the Pferdeschwemme and the Neutor.

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