Salzburg Photos: Mozart Memorial

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Mozart memorial in Salzburg

The Mozart Memorial was revealed in the presence of Mozart's widow Konstanze and one of his two sons in the early 19th century. At that point, tourism played little to no role in the economy of Salzburg. Things have changed slightly since then: The Mozartplatz square at the city centre is the focal point of Mozart-mania and the memorial itself is probably one of the most photographed objects in Austria. In this picture, our photographer tried to be original by playing with the focus - but honestly, with something like the Mozart memorial, originality is hard to achieve. Other important places for exploring Mozart's traces in Salzburg would be the Mozart Museum at his birthplace, the Tanzmeisterhaus where he later lived, the cemetery of St. Sebastian (where his widow and father are buried) and pretty much every souvenir shop in and around Salzburg.

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