Salzburg Photos: Stift St. Peter

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Stift St. Peter Abbey

The dominant church in this picture is the Stiftskirche St. Peter, the main church of St. Peter's Abbey. It was renovated only a few years ago, and even though first signs of deterioration re-appeared soon after the work was competed, the church is still mostly nice and shiny. It contains the tomb of St. Rupert and St. Virgil, two bishop saints of Salzburg, as well as the grave of Michael Haydn, composer and brother of a more famous Joseph Hayden. The building in the foreground (with the pink poster attached to it) is the Rupertinum, a museum of modern and contemporary art. In a way, the Rupertinum is the predecessor of the Museum der Moderne on Mount Mönchsberg. Right behind the Rupertinum you see the light-grey Franciscan monastery (Franziskanerkloster). A little detail to note: Most property of the church, orders and other religious organisations were confiscated by the Nazis. This applied to the Franziskanerkloster, too, which served as the local headquarter of the Gestapo.

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