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The Museum der Moderne is Salzburg's museum of modern and contemporary art.

NOTE: There is another article on the Museum of Modern Art Salzburg in our museum section, this article deals with the building on the Mönchsberg as a piece of modern architecture.

The Museum der Moderne (Museum of Modern Art) is located in a central point right to the fortress, easily visible from pretty much anywhere in the town centre of Salzburg. Some people consider it to be too dominant for the historic buildings in the Altstadt, but they normally don′t know what has been there before.

The "Café Winkler" was a mid-20th century chunk of concrete, glass and ugliness, so by any means no matter if you like modern architecture or not, the "Museum der Moderne" is most definitely an improvement.

Modern architecture for modern art

The idea of founding the museum is based on an initiative by the Salzburg art dealer Friedrich Welz, who donated a large part of his private art collection to the province of Salzburg. It included many works by the painter Oskar Kokoschka, who was a personal friend to Welz.

The new building on the Mönchsberg supplements the old part by the Franziskanerkirche from 1983 and was opened only in 2004. It multiplied the space for exhibitions by a magnitude of ten. The new building on the Mönchsberg is very spacious and open.

It should provide visitors with an example of contemporary architecture next to Salzburg′s historic heritage. The building now allows the display of more monumental pieces or art and thereby influences to over-all orientation of the "Museum der Moderne".

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