Salzburger Spielzeugmuseum - Salzburg Toy Museum

The Salzburger Spielzeugmuseum is a museum of Salzburg toys.

Among ancient toys structured according to their materials, the Salzburger Spielzeugmuseum in the former Bürgerspital shows a remarkable collection of old dolls, accessories and doll clothing. Parts of the exhibition show educative toys throughout history, others focus on optic toys. That being said, it will rather appeal to adults with an almost academic interest in toys and their history than to children, even though kids might take interest in some of the interactive items on display.

In the ground floor you will find toys and craft from Baroque times to the 19th century as well as a collection of old musical instruments. The core collection is supplemented by changing exhibitions, so keep an eye on the museum once you are in Salzburg.

It is located in the Bürgerspital near St. Blasiuskirche and the Festival Halls and a branch of the Salzburg province museum Salzburg Museum. It is associated with the Museum of Historic Musical Instruments. The building has a beautiful, though hidden court, so if you are not interested in old toys, stop by to look at least at the arcades of the building - a former Baroque hospital. It is one of Salzburg's nicest arcade courtyards.

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