Modern Architecture in Salzburg

The new Salzburg Convention Center or Kongresszentrum Salzburg.

Salzburg is famous for Medieval and Baroque buildings. This is why most international tourists come and what they expect - and they will not be disappointed. However, as an important economic centre, Salzburg also offers a great deal of interesting modern buildings. In this small section, we have presented a few of them and hope to meet the interest of a some of our readers who want to go beyond the city's historic centre.

Modern Buildings & Architecture in Salzburg

Heizkraftwerk Mitte - Central Caloric Powerplant

Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Science Faculty


Museum der Moderne - museum of modern art

ORF Landesstudio Salzburg (public broadcast building)

Europark Shopping Mall

South Tyrol Square, Station area & Hotel Europa

Salzburg Football Stadium

Convention Center

Modern Architecture in Salzburg


Main Sights in Salzburg

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