Literaturhaus Salzburg (House of Literature)

For international visitors, other cultural attractions will be more appealing than the Literaturhaus Salzburg - unless you speak German rather well or want to learn this language. However, since this website is intended to point visitors of our city "behind the scenes" and towards local attractions where "real" people of Salzburg go, we thought that the Literaturhaus schould be included here.

Besides, some of us are real fans of literature in general and the program of the Literaturhaus in particular. The Literaturhaus Salzburg was established in 1991 and is one of the biggest permanent literature facilities in Austria. It can be found in the Stubergasse, north of the Müllner Bräu (speaking of recommendable facilities).

What the Literturhaus is & does

The Literaturhaus Salzburg defines itself as a facility that serves as a meeting point, a platform for six different literature societies or organisations and as a cultural venue for all sorts of events concerting literature. There are readings, discussions, lectures and art performances at the Literaturhaus. This makes the place one of the very few spots in Salzburg where you can sense that this city is not just full of tourists, but also home to a population of 150,000 people, many of which are educated above the Austrian average - and home to universities with some 20,000 students.

In addition to the public events, the six organisations of the Literaturhaus also do courses and workshops that are intended to link professional publishers with (not necessarily professional) writers. In addition, the Literaturhaus also has its own library, with a focus on contemporary Austrian German and a particular focus on local literature from Salzburg.

It holds 3,000 volumes and subscriptions of 50 academic journals and periodicals, alongside with a press review service, educational textbooks and magazines. The use of the Literaturhaus library is free of charge, but it is open only during term on two days per week.

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