Republic (of Salzburg)

The Republic is a cultural venue in the old town of Salzburg. Back in the days, the building was home to a cinema, the Stadtkino ("City Cinema"). To many locals, the facility is still known under this name. In 2001, the Stadtkino was dismembered and re-shaped into a performance venue that can seat up to 700 people. Initially, the project aimed to become anti-mainstream, critical and revolutionary.

Alas, since it is still in Salzburg, it effectively became a nice, but rather tame mix of a theatre and bar. Due to its prominent location and the extensive open-air seating (and being-seen) area of the bar, it quickly became a popular meeting spot of Salzburg′s rich and beautiful (alongside with the wannabies). That much about revolutionary enterprises in Salzburg.

Events & Philosophy of the Landestheater

The events that are organised in the Republic include readings, concerts, Kabarett (not to be confused with cabaret, rather the Austrian version of stand-up comedy) and discussions. During the day, the Republic is more often seen as a café/bar place known for good drinks. For the team, the Republic is a welcome off-mainstream attraction of Salzburg and evidence that even the historic city centre can include some contemporary, arty life.

We fully admit that there is not much of this sort of culture in Salzburg - but the Republic should not be ignored by people who spend a longer period of time in Salzburg (for example, exchange students, who sometimes e-mail us to suggest articles or corrections).

The organisation that operates the Republic is called Szene Salzburg and organises art events since the 1960ies. Today, some 300,000 visitors attend events organised in the Republic. The Sommerszene festival is a series of events involving contemporary art. It was initially developed in the 1970ies for local artists, but soon transformed into a counter-platform that contrasted the exclusive Salzburg Festival. The Sommerszene involves mainly dance and theatre and takes place during June and July. In addition, the Republic facilities are used by the Salzburg Festival for drama performances.

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